Cole family day 'o' fun.......

Since my family is so large and so very busy we rarely are able to get together with everyone and do something. So saturday night we finally got together in order to celebrate Tia, Hank, Trevor and my birthday! Everyone was present except trevor who was playing in a semi- pro football league in Boise???? (thats as much as we know- yes we are curious about the whole thing too) We went bowling of course. You already know my view on bowling so we won't rehash that- but it seems since everyone else in the world loves to bowl its a natural pick! Lucky me. Then we went to the spaghetti factory for dinner and finally back to my moms for cake and presents. Thanks for the great night mom and kerry- we had so much fun!!!

Bowling...... 70's style- disco light included.

My favorite pictures from the night are of the awesome shoes. Well these are the only two i have photoshopped yet. I think the shoes make the bowler... haha.

Travis C. posing for GQ

Me and Carlee. Yes i know i could look possibly pregnant but i'm NOT, its just a very flowy shirt.

Jordan... he refused to smile for the camera. I'm sure he was missing his friends and girlfriend. The social life is sooooo important in 8th grade!

Hanky and Miles

The sponsors of the night... Mom and Kerry
Showing their stuff.... travis and hank. My husband comes fully prepared with his own bowling ball and shoes! Nerd alert! But i guess it works since he was high score with a 201.
Leave it to my family to do inappropriate things with bowling balls!

And thome enjoying the frosting my mom gave him off the cake!!! Grandma never obeys the rules. No human food for doggies! What are we gonna do. But thome sure does love her!
Thanks again it was such a great birthday night for everyone!


Luke & Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Whitney.
P.S. Luke's family would totally do inappropriate things with the bowling balls as well.

T-Ray said...

Human being are obsessed with "balls." HOw was bowling? Did you kick some trash?

Meg & Brad said...

It's a good thing you come from the Beattie line - or I'd have to wonder where all the dirty ball stuff comes from!! We're so lucky to have the family that we do!!! Perverted or not!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Yay!! lots of happy birthday wishes~
do you see now why i am having you do my pictures the pictures in your blog title say it all! you rock!!
thanks for taking care of roxy!!
lets get together and go bowling soon, cody would like that!!

Meg & Brad said...

OMG!!! I love the new and improved home of the hutchins blog! The background is really cute! Brad and I have just moved up in the world and done the same thing to ours!


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