My very own Hutch!!!!

So i inherited this run down quite old brown thing from my mom's neighbor and since i am who i am i decided i would paint and refinsh it. I could just kick myself because i forgot my camera so i wasn't able to take before pictures but the china cabinet once was brown with brass knobs and glass doors. I have seen this crackled look done on a few things and though i would try my hand at it. So now one long day, crackle stuff, white paint, and chicken wire later heres my new hutch! It fits perfectly in our house!!

Yes the top selves are dedicated to different kinds of popcorn bowls! My husband just happens to be the worlds biggest popcorn freak!!! And you can't pass up a good deal at tai-pan! I removed the glass doors and replaced them with chicken wire. Hank thinks i'm very strange.

This going out to all the beattie family members- yes that is one of grandma beatties cow cookie jars sitting on top! I'll always be a beattie girl down deep.

This picture is so you can see the crackle effect on the wood! It looks like it just spent the last ten years in an old barn- which i love!


Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Whitney you are AMAZING!! You are a woman of many, many talents!! I love it!! Come my way anytime and lets start painting!! love ya!!

Todd & Holly said...

Good Job Whit, your house was cute when I saw it a few months ago, but now you have added lots more furniture, so I am sure it's adorable!!

Travis and Quinci Cole said...

Wow Whit! That looks amazing! It's way way better then the idea i had for it! I want to see it with the chicken wire! I bet that looks awesome. and its so different!


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