A Day at the beach........... a.k.a Antelope Island

On friday we both had the day off and decided to visit Antelope Island. We both hadn't been there since on childhood field trips and scouting adventures so we thought we would go and see if anything has changed..... its safe to say that the island is exactly the same as we remember it. We did however have alot of fun! These pictures are from the beach. I'll post more from the ranch and our picnic spot later.

Of course we had to make our names in a heart....

Its actually prettier than you would imagine for Antelope Island
These next two picture go together.... Unknown to me my sweet husband absolutely hates wet sand on his feet. I know its a little strange. So he very begrudgingly came out onto the wet cold sand to have his picture taken but he didn't last for long. This is him giving me the sarcastic face when i asked him to go run so i cold take his picture. I just love this picture.
This is how he was mostly posed out on the sand. Cold and slightly annoyed.

Taking the tripod away...ending my time on the beach
I loved it out there
So serious... its quite chilly
Cute feet!!
Not so cute feet...
Well we have lots more picture to come from Antelope Island. Thome had to get in some Buffalo hunting (all you have to do is say Buffalo around Thome and he freaks out, the obsession must come from Yellowstone we think???) We visited the old farm and had a lovely picnic trying to protect our food from the dogs. All in all it was really fun...

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T-Ray said...

World's cutest couple nomination goes to you! Seriously- I love you guys!


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