Happy Birthday Yellowstone!!!

Here's wishing the BEST place on earth a wonderful 136th birthday! We have chosen to honor you will a memorial of our favorite Yellowstone pictures. Oh yes i know I'm a total nerd but i just cannot help it. Lets face it.. I'm hooked on Yellowstone.

The parks most numerous inhabitants. Bison. They are everywhere! Here we are sitting in our car totally surrounded praying they don't ram our new escape.

A view from a top Dunraven Pass. (My 2nd favorite place) Breathtaking!

Mr. Thome Lamar (Yes he's named for a valley in the park) Watching his Buffalo very faithfully, making sure they do everything he wants them to. Lamar Valley (My favorite place) Best place to see wolves! And a real wild wolf- haha Poor Thome is not street smart enough to last 24 hours alone in the wild. Look Close. A mama bear with 4 cubs following her. Once in a lifetime event!
And the 2nd most seen creatures... Elk.

The bull elk. Alright when we saw this elk there were probably around 75 people standing on the roadside watching it. It was right before sundown and he was on the way of the park- how could you not stop! (plus we were tour guides to some friends from work, whom have never experienced the wild so we stopped) And while i'm viewing this majestic animal this sick and morbid thought occurred in my head- what if i got my 22 gauge rifle out and shot this elk right here right now. What would people do? First off i don't even own a gun, Second i don't kill animals. I'm more of a healer kinda girl. And third it would land me in federal prison without so much as a bathroom break. But neverless this thought still occurred in my brain and i wanted to know what would the reaction be? I have no idea where this strange, kinda creepy, and very weird side of me came from that day. Lucky for me the only person that witnessed that side was Hank when we got back into the car and i told him my sinister plan. (he looked at me like i was from another planet) And So needless to say the Elk lived on another day. And since that time i am proud to say i have had no other plans of demise for any other creatures. Taking pictures while uncle Lane searched for mountain goats that i don't think really exist! Oh the family outings are never dull!
No where else do giant elk roam through town like overgrown poodles.
The Madison river.
Lamar Valley. I could spend a lifetime there.
As you can tell i am having major withdrawals from Yellowstone. The winter months get a little long and lonely! But don't worry we plan on making a trip as soon as those gates open!


Sarah and Drew Champion said...

Its so good to see you guys! I Love Yellowstone also! My family use to camp up there every summer! Most beautiful place on earth. Hope all is going well!

Meg & Brad said...

Next time you go - take us with you! Brad just got a new spotting scope for Valentines Day - and there really are mountain goats! I've seen them myself! Or I wouldn' have believed it either!You have to go almost out to Cody. I think......


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