Four Men and a Little Lady.......

I am terribly outnumbered this week. Since my Dad and Sybel are in California enjoying the sun we had our "canine" siblings come and stay with us. And since Spud and Gus are both boys that leaves me outnumbered 4-1. Oh No. Too much testosterone in one house! Much to Thome's delight Spud and Gus got to spent five days at our house. Spud and Thome are the best of rough and tough buddies, the two of them are always chewing one each other or wrestling over some toy. Gus simply supervises until things get out hand and then he dances around the edge throwing in his two cents in. Spud did really well considering he has cancer. We gave him everything he wanted and treated him like a king for a few days. And so while the boys were visiting we tried to get them out as much as possible so they could burn up some energy. Spud gets tired easy but he still liked getting out to enjoy the sunshine. These are some pictures from the Bountiful Pond. A great little doggie playground!

Me and the boys. As you can tell no one is even paying any attention to me or hank trying to arange a cute picture!
Thome and his Daddy.
Our dog sled team- all in a row!
Relaxing at home after bathtime. Which they all hated- but man they were stinky.
Thanks Spud and Gus for Staying with Us!!! Thome had lots of fun!


T-Ray said...

I wonder what would have happened if Mia was there. That little sh** thinks she is the queen of everything. I have my hands full- but I love her. She misses you guys- especially Thome. I think she has a crush :)

J.T. and KristaLyn said...

Hey Whit and Hank! Your blog is so cute with all your little dogs on there! How are you doin? We all need to get together and hang out! Well hope all is well! Talk to ya soon!


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