It's happening. Its spring in utah. Which means somewhere north of here little "red dogs" baby buffalo are running circles around their moms. The grass is just starting to turn from a brown to a nice bright green. All the rivers and lakes are high from the winter runoff. Every morning i drive to work just as the sun comes over the mountains and it kills me because i would rather be in watching the sun come up somewhere else. I need to set up my spotting scope and i need sit on the side of the road with all the other wolf chasers and listen to their stories. I'm ready to see all the elk shedding their winter coat. I'm ready to bond with my fellow car riders. (hank and dad) I'm ready for the ice cream stop in Mammoth. I'm ready to try out my new camera. I'm ready for lamar valley. I'm ready to be a tour guide to anyone willing. I'm ready to spot the animals. I need lunch from little tiny cafe in cooke city. I need the cool clean air. I'm ready to watch old faithful be faithful again. I'm ready for the bear jams. I'm ready to go. I NEED YELLOWSTONE. I'M HAVING MAJOR WITHDRAWALS. So in order to help me get by until i can get there here are some of my favorite pictures.

I think it is pretty self explanatory.

The great Lamar Valley.

Hayden Valley where the buffalo roam.

The madison river.

Slough Creek. Spuds favorite swimming hole. Shhhh.. don't tell the rangers.

The shores of Yellowstone Lake.

Buffalo Watching. "Thome the great bison hunter"

Twin Lakes.

Looking for mountain goats. Looking hard...

Atop steamboat point.

I miss it. I need to go back. (wink wink hank and dad) I need to go back to re fuel my soul. Its what keeps me sane in this concrete prison. its my heaven. (only my dad understands this) I really really need it. i miss yellowstone.


Meg & Brad said...

Pack it up!! We're ready to go anytime you are! you know my number!!!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...



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