i cheated. yep i stole this idea off someones blog. someone blog i don't even know. (thanks jenny for the great link) I thought it was too much fun to pass up so here i am. now you all can get to know us really well.
fifty things about us......

1. He loves mexican food and hates italian
2. She loves Italian food and hates mexican.
3. They both really really like the tv show ghost hunters. They are TAPS fans!!!
4. He eats cheese like she eats chocolate.
5. He is a twin. Shes not.
6. She loves Greys Anatomy. He won't admit he likes it. But he watches it every week.
7. They went to high school prom together.
8. He loves the Chicago White Sox. Shes learning to love them just as much.
9. Hes a city boy at heart. She a farm girl at heart.
10. They talk to each as if they are thome. He's a world class shark hunter. the first of his kind.
11. She will read for hours and hours. He will read for torture only. period.
12. They made a pledge to reduce water bottle waste and switched to nalgene water bottles. now they are totally obsessed.
13. He creates clutter. She cleans up his clutter.
14. They love to watch movies and cuddle on the couch. he always starts it.
15. They cannot agree on one single name for their future children.
16. She loves clocks. How many clocks can one house hold?
17. He is a sports nut. She is a sports peanut.
18. She loves to dvr national geographic specials. he always watches them with her.
19. They watch "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" together. Thrilled that its not them with the 6 three year olds.
20. He wants to shave his head. she threatens to die her hair black and cut it short if he does.
21. He eats popcorn like its going out of style. homemade is his favorite.
22. He served a mission in Pittsburgh PA.
23. He wants to revisit his old areas. shes scared for her life.
24. She likes a clean house. he thinks her clean is way too clean.
25. They loves their border collie. almost too much. almost.
26. He prefers a nice vacation to the city. buildings. games. lights. noise.
27. She wants to go north. less people. more trees. more animals. heaven.
28. They both love photography. its a new hobby they share.
29. They met in ceramics class. He noticed her first.
30. They went on their first date to a haunted house. She hates haunted houses. she freaked out at one last fall.
31. He plays old man softball. and loves it.
32. His old man softball attire makes her weak in the knees.
33. She loves to decorate. He thinks shes silly.
34. They are home-bodies. it makes life simple.
35. She wants to be a mom. Someday.
36. He can't wait for his little boys to play teeball. hes the coach
37. He proposed with a fortune cookie. no cookie will ever be the same for her.
38. They fight over space on their queen sized bed. both bed hogs. they need a king.
39. Hes a light packer. She takes everything in the house.
40. Shes allergic to everything. Hes not allergic to one single thing.
41. She loves having a man around the house. Hes a great picture hanger, grass cutter, spider killer.
42. She has had blonde hair and dark brown hair. he says he loves both.
42. He has scars all over from baseball. She has scars all over from ferocious animals at work.
43. Hes a computer nerd. Shes considered the computer pro at her work. Its rubbing off on her.
44. She still gets butterflies when he gets all dressed up for church. its all about the necktie
45. She loves puppies and would have 5 million. He keeps her in check.
46. He pauses during his stories. It drives her nuts.
47. She doesn't put the toothpaste lid on. It drives him nuts.
48. He kissed her first. It lasted maybe 1/2 second. Now they last longer.
49. They are best friends. Like copper and todd from the "Fox and the Hound"
50. They love each other more than they ever thought possible.


Todd & Holly said...

Whitney, that's so cute!

Lindsay said...

This is way cute! It's fun to read all of these. :)

T-Ray said...

Reading this was like watching a chick flick. I cried. Seriously. So cute :)


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