Prom Night.

I had the job of doing my little sister's hair for prom saturday night! I'm not sure why she picks me because my hair is very low maintenance and if any of you worked with me you would know its constantly in a ponytail. I'm not much of a hair dresser. But anyways i am the official prom hairdresser. So here is how everything turned out. Carlee looked super cute in a lime green dress (which i could have never pulled off), she is going with some boy (whose name has escaped me) and hopefully she will have lots of fun! It was always fun getting ready for the big dances. I'm just glad i'm well past the high school prom age. Fun but so highschool. haha.

And for your viewing enjoyment i added pictures of me and hank at highschool prom and the harvest dance. I can't believe how long ago that was...


Luke & Natalie said...

I still have your guys' picture from the Harvest Dance. Good memories.

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

This is the BEST!! I love it! Whit your sis looked DARLING! good job on the hair!!I am so happy that you guys have those memories! one day your kids will think that is super cool!!! xoxo


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