Gone Green.....

We did it. We've gone to what seems like green acres! We are up in the land of green "Seattle". Yippy! I knew it was greener up here i just didn't know this green. I love it! Think back a few months ago when i mentioned giving Hank white sox tickets for his birthday. Well we are finally here and we are going to be putting those tickets to good use on friday. This weekend is totally devoted to the Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners but until then we are exploring the city and enjoying some time off work and time together. Here is our first day adventures..... The Space Needle.

Downtown Seattle

The view a top. Did i mention i hate heights- the glass elevator was such a lovely ride. NOT!

View from the below! I like it better on the ground.

Hank pointing to the stadium!

Look close i'm jumping off the round ball!

See it is green!

Up next......whale watching!


Meg & Brad said...

I want to go see Seattle so bad. All I hear is how pretty it is! Next year - I'll have to call mine and brad's trip next year is to seattle! Thanks for the inspiration.

Travis and Quinci Cole said...

I am glad you are having fun! Minus the cold haha and not seeing willy!
but i love the pictures. and the one where you are jumping off the ball rocks!


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