Take me out to the ball game..... our first professional ball game!

So most of you know our whole trip to Seattle was centered around the white sox being in town. So over the weekend we enjoyed three, count them three baseball games. Hank loved every second of it and i.... well I did very well considering it was A LOT of baseball in a short period of time. I'm just glad we got to enjoy something new together.
For any of you baseball fans this is the man that causes so much commotion in baseball. The head coach of the sox Mr. Ozzie Guillen can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Hes always in trouble.

My main man.

I was positive we were going to get beat up by the Mariners Fans, but we only suffered some minor comments from upset fans. We made it out alive!!! Yes its a very strange picture. But i'm showing off my cotton candy. I single- handily ate two whole bags of cotton candy by myself. Hank doesn't like it, why anyone on earth doesn't like fluffed up colored sugar is beyond me. Its so good. This picture is the result of my second sugar high.
Just after we took his picture Hank caught a fly ball! Not a fly ball- a foul ball hank keeps telling me. I forget. He was quite excited. And i forgot to get a picture of him with his prize. Oops!
Heres our favorite... Jim Thome! We like him so much we named our dog after him. Our next dog, a blue tick coon hound will be named Buehrle after the pitcher Mark Buehrle. You pronoun that one (burley). We actually named Thome after the white sox because he has four white feet and that was one way i bargained with Hank so i could get a puppy. Now i think we will just keep the tradition going with the dog.

We had so much fun at the games! Maybe in a few years we will make it to Chicago to watch them at cellular field. Maybe... in a few years.... don't get any ideas hank. Next year is my trip and we are going to Alaska. haha


Todd & Holly said...

I can just imagine little Hanky Panky now, wasn't able to wipe a smile off his face the entire time.

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Hank!! did you get a free snow cone!! ;)

Travis and Tia said...

Hank why do you look so solemn in the photo of you by yourself. It made me sad!


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