Double Trouble...
for nicole

Sunday we went to Hank's parents to have Cody's birthday dinner (happy birthday cody on wednesday!) and i couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of our adorable niece and nephew. These two are definitely a handful together but you couldn't ask for two cuter kids. We love them both!

Poor Zaky couldn't figure out how to keep his pants up!

Cute family.

All giggles after 3 brownies each!
This little piggy went to the market.... Crazy Lady.
My favorite question of the night was when Zak hugged presley and so sweetly asked "Are you still going to marry me?" Presley quickly responded "No remember i'm going to marry Cooper!" These two are so cute and so fun!


Todd & Holly said...

Cute pictures Whit, but do you not just love the ghetto neighbors' trucks in the background....lovely.

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Whitney & EVERYONE who is reading her blog now knows why I am the HAPPIEST person in the WHOLE world for her to be doing my wedding pictures! you are AMAZING whit & I love you!!
will you save a few of these so i can have copies and so I can put them on our wedding video!! xoxo


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