Pool Party......

Yes we may not have children but we still buy the cheap plastic pools for our dogs. Thome loves the water and so since it was a hot afternoon and we were both off work we thought thome should invite some cousins over for a pool party and bath! They had too much fun.

Thomes favorite thing was chasing the water coming out of the hose.

Meet Mr. Willey.... we call him Will or William. (my dads new buddy) Yes he has a name and he loves the water. First one in the pool and last one out. After hank dumped the water he sat in the dry pool and cried.

Busy Boys!

As you can see they both have tons of fun! Cousin Gus was here too but he was lying in the shade staying far away from the water and equally as far away from will.

Thanks for spending the day with us Gus and Will! Thome wants all of his doggie cousins (kiska, hurley, sadie, maggie, kong, spike, mia, gunner, gus, will) to come over for his next big pool party!!!!!


T-Ray said...

Mia is jealous. She is definitely up for the next big party. I'm not sure how well she will do with another puppy around. She may get a little bit jealous of her boyfriend Thome. I guess it is a good chance for her to learn how to share : )

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

A picture is worth 1000 words!!!

Meg & Brad said...

It looks like you had a BLAST! A people pool party would have been funner though! So - in the name of party's, come help lay sod on THursday at my house! I'll make a post of it!


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