Chet.... Baker...... Cooper.... Moose..... Mud......still not quite sure.......
Well even though he doesn't have a name yet we are introducing Thome's newest cousin/uncle/brother. (we aren't sure what he is to thome) but heres the man of the hour....
Heres my dads newest best friend! My dad needed a new buddy to help heal the whole in the his heart from losing spud (we still miss him everyday- thome misses his playmate every time we go over) and heres the guy they picked. Hes a four month old black lab and don't let the picture fool you hes a massive ball of energy. I think everyone should have his zeal for life- he's exploring, sniffing, licking, eating everything in sight, its all you might expect for a little lab. (they really have no brain for the first few years) Last night he had the funest time riping out grasses and shaking it to pieces... ahh to be a puppy.
see the crazed look in his eye!!! haha... trouble just waiting
he adores thome... and thome well.. he doesn't like him playing with his toys.... and isn't sure why he has so much energy. Gus (the lhasa apso) isn't quite sure whats going on, he went from a trading a big kind giant to a rambunctious, sharp toothed crazed child! Lets say hes spending a lot of time in high places. haha. We still love you gus!
Too cute! Look at the size of those feet! Hes gonna be big boy!!! look out dad and sybel!
And we are excited hes coming to stay with us in couple weeks for a week! It should be fun- me and hank and two dogs and a big puppy!!!

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