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There is this small thing inside me that i cannot control.... i know exactly where it came from...my mother... its the overwhelming desire to always and i mean always have some sort of project going on in my house. I have the need to paint anything paint able, decorate anything and everything, reorganize the entire house and clean until everything is spotless. Its become an obsession, i just cannot stop. Hank my dear husband so kindly puts up with this freakish habit. I need to give credit where it is due because he does most of the heavy lifting, hammering, cutting etc. I do attempt these things on my own but usually end up hurting myself so he has taken it upon himself to see that i stay alive and so he helps me, which i am so grateful for. So here the latest bathroom and office project.

Heres the office- the former occupant was 2 years old so you can't blame them for the sky bright blue colors on the walls. As our office it drove me nuts. The picture are right before i started painting so thats why there is no furniture in sight.

And the bathroom... well they must have enjoyed the color so much that it somehow found its way to the bathroom walls. I do like color on the walls just not this bright and bold. Plus its hard to decorate around.

The new bathroom!!! I love it. The walls are a nice tan/brown color. The frame around the mirror was a project suggested to me by my sister in law (thanks leslee) She said its "simple" paint crown molding and glue it to the mirror! The paint went on easy, the gluing however did not go so easy, again hank came to my rescue, the glue would not stay put so we had to rig poles to hold the boards in place overnight so it could dry ( getting in and out of the bathroom was a trick) The mirror took the longest of the project at a little over three days itself. And if you know me i hate projects half way done laying around, but i can't complain because i love the outcome!

And the office! The walls are now a lovely chocolate color! In honor of my favorite thing!!! I love how it turned out, so much more office like than the blue. The three picture frames in second picture are cards that we found in Seattle. They are really neat, hand drawn baseball things. And since hank love baseball they fit perfect.

And this is why i haven't blogged in forever, i've been busy as a bee! haha

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