Since we've been away......

Heres some picture from everyday life. Its been a while since i've posted anything i though i'd give you some random pictures so our crazy life. I sometimes feel like life is just too busy, I asked hank if it would ever slow down and he just laughed and said we don't even have kids yet. Is that a hint that he wants them??? haha. Since i carry the black bag that contains my camera almost everywhere we go i seem to collect a lot of photos. So for your viewing....

Hank bought a new golf club and since we have someone to retrieve the ball for free he uses it to his best advantage and practices in our backyard.

Cute doggie toes!

Two of my favorite friends from work! I'm so blessed with a job i love and great people to work with and for. We get along so well its kinda scary. We sometimes hang out when we aren't even at work! gasp!

On sundays one of are parents are usually so very kind to feed us, and if its my mom and kerry we find ourselves outside enjoying a little seven on the line.

I am in fact pointing to my shirt that say I LOVE McDREAMY, letting you all know my mcdreamy is hank- and i am not in fact pointing to something else inappropriate that my sweet sister said it looked like i was pointing at!

Ink a dink a bottle of ink the cork fell out and you...stink!!! The old feet in the circle deciding the line up for seven on the line.

Miles in his box. Need i say more... the kids a little nuts!!

the losers bench! notice i somehow mange to stay in the game to the final five but since trevor or hank always win is there really any point in trying???

Trade families.... now we are at my dad and sybels traditional saturday BBQ.

The great gus man refusing to let go of his corn cob, we had to trick him into giving it up!

Yes he has a paper plate on his head. And we are still proud parents!

And i thought we would throw in congrats to matt who is going to be in "highschool musical three" in the matching band!!! Yeah matt!!!

Theres a week of our lives in high speed! Thanks for reading- Love you all!

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