Yep its that time of year.... time for brians amazing display of illegal fireworks. haha. We started the 4th of july off with a fun day in park city with all of hanks family. The guys went golfing and the girls and kids hung out around the pool. Of course my one day to see the sun and its over cast. No summer tan for me. That night we went to Brian and Leslee for a BBQ and a firework show to revile muller parks. Sunday night we headed to my parents for dinner and games to complete the holiday. It was really fun. We always enjoy time off from work and spending a little time together and with our families. The best thing about the 4th of July is here in utah we get to celebrate all over again on the 24th! Yippy!
The family photo
A rousing game of baci ball. Your looking at the winners hank and chase.
We love grandma and grandpa williams. Married for over 60 years! Truly the perfect couple. (thier names are so unique i'd love to pass them on as a middle name to our future children: Neldon and Onadell)
And the boys! For the last week and a half we had Gus and Willey (i call him William Turner- after pirates) staying at our house while my dad and sybel were visiting family in OK. Will had so much fun chewing and chasing Thome around all day and night! Thanks for staying with us boys!

Little miss myah. Always willing to smile for a picture!
My lovely sister carlee displaying her newly painted green finger nails. We always paint our nails when we get together. Yes boys shes single... but only 16 so behave yourself.
Yummy dinner! Thanks mom and kerry.

And my lovely cupcakes. Yes homemade by yours truly. Rumor has it they were pretty good. I wouldn't know cause i never ate one! haha But they were beee---beautiful.

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Lindsay said...

Whitney your pictures of Cody, Nicole and the kids turned out so great! I love the one of Cody holding Nicole up in the air. So cute. You are way talented!

I have a question... you didn't happen to get any pictures of Luke when you were taking pictures at the pool in Park City? I totally spaced it and forgot to take any pictures of that trip! So I'm asking anyone if they took pictures, and so far no luck! Me and Dixie both forgot. Anyway, if you have any let me know, maybe I can have you email them to me or something. Thanks!!


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