Looking back......
I love going through pictures! Hank is usually wants to kill me because i have the habit of uploading 600+ pictures off my camera onto the computer in no real order. Well i'm started breaking that horrible habit and now all my pictures are finding folders and places. So while going through the pictures i ran across all our wedding photos! I just love them. And since its wedding season, we have two next month (cody and nicole, trav and quinci) i thought i'd upload some of my very favorites to share with everyone. I just wish you could get married twice (to the same person of course- i love you hank) just because i loved the wedding day and everything involved in the wedding, i would do some things different and some the same. I loved planning it. I know i'm crazy. Plus the wedding day was so fun- i wish i could wear my dress again- one day in a beautiful white dress just isn't enough. Maybe i'll just start wearing my dress around the house... haha. I actually wanted to do that trash the dress thing and i was until our photographer moved away. Now i think i'll cut it up and make blessing dresses for my future baby girls. I know my mom is just cringing at the thought! Anyway enjoy the pictures!

We were married in the bountiful utah temple March 23rd 2007
My most favorite wedding picture!
I love this one because you can see the whole temple!

Notice the flip flops- great choice for a long day on your feet! My mom about died when i anoucned my plans for flip flops.

Love it!
Our first picture as a married couple!

At our wedding we said Thank You with a table full of jars of candy with take home bags! It turned out so cute! It was absolutely one of my favorite parts of the reception.
Our candy matched the wedding colors. The candy table was the most talked about thing of the night, everyone loved it!
Taking off my chicago white sox garter! Yes he bought it and Yes he removed it with his teeth!

Some of my best friends! I played soccer with these girls for 10+ years! I love them all.

My wonderful mom and sisters!
My daddy!
Hank and his dad!
Our cake! Made by one of my grandmas friends. Not exactly what i had envisioned but it turned out perfect!
And this is what we did with the cake. Mashed it in each others faces! No holding back!

Our signing book was a scrapbook i made. It is so fun to look through!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

And our car..... totally and completely trashed. We spent 25 dollars and an hour the next day cleaning all the popcorn out of our car. Our photographer said it was the worst she had ever seen. Brothers and sisters watch yourselves- the favor will be returned!

I love looking back on our wedding day! The pictures are one of the most important parts of the day!
and Hank i love you even more now than i did then! -w


Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Whit I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!! i love you so much and am so thankful for everything you have done so far! You are truly an angel!
" i will buy you a sucker"
(sorry everyone, inside joke)

T-Ray said...

Mia and I just decided that you are the world's cutest couple. She is a bit biased because of her infatuation with Thome. And I just think you two are so good together. You are amazing.

P.S. The candy jars were the best part of a wedding reception I have ever seen. I think it should be required.


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