Smitten Kitten.......
This is Thome's new little love Fiona. Fiona belongs to dr. ben from my work and since he and his wife were out of town this weekend little miss fiona came to play with thome. And he is totally smitten. I didn't think dogs could flirt but he does. Stands all straight and licks her face and wags his tail. Its pretty cute. (and yes he's flirting because hes only been part male since he was 4 months old). But "monster" (is what i've always called her) has been a perfect little house guest, nice and quiet and very lady like! Thome even let her sleep in his gigantic bed while he took her little pink one. What a sweetie! Thomes loves Fiona!!!

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Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I met little miss fiona today!! She is very sweet, and oh so very lady like! Not to mention Mr thome was very happy to see me!!
love you guys!! xoxo


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