Williams Family Reunion....

Camping, sawdust piles, prizes, cousins, crawdads, fishing, oh how the list could go on and on. Well thats what the Williams reunion use to be now meet once yearly at a church bowery to eat lunch together and play a few games. Lucky for us we just happened to be staying at my moms the weekend of the reunion. (our a/c went out and 89 degrees inside the house was a little too much to handle) So we headed to sandy with mostly all the siblings in tow (minus trevor) for some good old williams family fun!

yummy food
my family promptly start a game of ultimate Frisbee. and yes of course i was on the winning team. haha
my mom, my grandma, and me! and yes as my cousin megan so kindly put it last week- i do in fact have orange in my hair. its summery and fun and looks much better in person. haha
my mom and step dad kerry.
the boys after the big game
me and my cute husband- photo courtesy of jordan

my mom and hank very much into their game of horse shoes!
We miss all the williams that weren't there! we love the williams family!

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