Michelsen Family Reunion
aka "the biggest thing to hit mayfield all year"
Clinton- Geneva
Russell- Vivian
Frank (bart)- Leslie
Whitney- Hank
(how i began)
Well the first weekend in August brings only one thing.... the family reunion. Yeah!!! My dads family reunion takes place every august in a little town in the middle of utah called mayfield. Its no joke that more people attend our family reunion that actually live in the town. It all happens at the home in which the original family lived it, and as long as the reunion keeps going we get to keep the property. Theres a small house, outdoor kitchen, bathrooms, eating area, swings, lots of grass, rv hook ups etc etc. Its quite the deal. Ne-ways everyone comes from all across the country and we all camp together. I have wonderful childhood memories of this place- catching "things" in the giant stream (which is not so giant when your 22 years old), treasure hunting, candy store, sand dunes, golfing, watching for UFO's with aunt raelyn. Yes they go on and on. This year we had tons of fun and i just happen to have my camera with me so you all get a front row seat to the Michelsen family reunion.
Every family is assigned meal duty to help with the feeding of everyone. (to give you all an idea they feed 280 something people on saturday night)
Aunt Karen and Uncle Barry cooking up a storm in the kitchen
My dad, aunt kathy and aunt raelyn making mass amounts of scrambled eggs
My aunts and step mom in their lovely aprons my aunt raelyn makes and sells at place like little america, park city, backers bakery.
the lunch line

my hungry guy

Oh yes of course theres a line dance on saturday night! boot scootin boogie, ymca, macarenia, slow songs, the chicken dance, you danced to it at a junior high dance and we dance to it at the family reunion. great times!

My husband is a poor sport and refused to dance to anything but the slow songs so that leaves me to find other fellow dancers and since megans husband brad is a equally poor sport we dance together.
my favorite moment of the night was my step brother matt dancing with the family dog gus to some romantic slow song. its was so funny. he had gus spinning and raising him up in the air and dripping him. he had everyone laughing. i also have to give points to matt because he is one great dancer, that boy spent every song on the dance floor shaking everything hes got! go matt!
the original house
my "giant stream"
flags for every country we have family in

oh yes, the four twilight book came out why we were down there and so my cousins and i sweet talked my darling husband into driving us all the way to ephriam friday night at midnight to buy the new book. and we were shocked there was actually quite a line for a farm town. thank you dear- we all love you.
and so the girl cousins spent most of our free time with our noses in the book. then we had little discussion groups on the happenings of edward and bella.
camp site of the beattie/hutchins family
the family
goals for next year:
*go sooner (friday through sunday just isn't enough)
*travis and tia must attend, no backing out this time
*megan and brad must break out of the hotel and camp with all the cousins
*keep coming back year after year- someday our kids will love this as much as i do

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