Capital Reef & some really cool cows....
So while at the family reunion (see post below) we managed to slip away from a few hours on saturday and make a trip down to Capital Reef National Park. We've never been there before and enjoying seeing all the beautiful red rock. Down in the bottom of this red valley is a old pioneer town called fruita. Its lovely and the perfect place to camp (we will be going back) They also have a little store that sells the most yummy peach butter ever! It was fun to take a trip there and visit somewhere new! Thanks dad!

Thome and William. Notice William is not the small little puppy from a few weeks ago. He is now thome's size and will soon out grow him. But hes cute and thome loves his playmate.
King of the world!
The whole gang!

Beautiful View! My dad accused me of taking too many pictures. One can never have too many pictures in my opinion. You need something to remember all your adventures with.
And in this picture he told me we need to stop taking picture with our dog and have a baby. Well i have news for him... not happening anytime soon. I love my dog and i am perfectly content with it being the three of us for now.
These two were fascinated by the water running under the bridge. William actually jumped in while my dad was walking him across the bridge.
more capital reef...

And the really cool cows... while some may not share my passion for animals, these cows are actually very neat! My aunt raelyn and uncle ron have taken up raising utah's only herd of Scottish Highlanders. they are basically cows with giant horns and long hair. while the did not take to us getting to close to their babies they do like my aunt and uncle and will eat treats out of their hands. all but one of the cows are halter broken.
mama and baby
the christmas present. she is how they got started. my uncle gave her to my aunt as a christmas present and you would have thought she got the biggest diamond in the entire world. she just loves these guys!

that studly looking one in the center with the flat horns and the mop top (the shortest and strangest looking one) well he is the man of the herd. believe it or not all these ladies want to have his baby. haha

and yet another family photo...

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T-Ray said...

I would have paid money to see
Thome out there with the bulls. He would probably behave much better than Mia. She would think she could take them on :)


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