They tied the knot!!!!!!
Congrats to my brother Travis and his now wife Quinci! They were married August 14th in the Salt Lake temple. Here are a few shots of the day!
a family photo
These were the most painful (sorry quinci) shoes i have ever worn in my life! Put the girl who wears crocs to work in 4 inch high heels and your asking for trouble. I walked around all night like i was going to face plant at any second!
miles and grandpa and grandma williams
Since hank is the baby in his family he feels the need to pick endlessly on my little brothers. And lucky for hank they both adore him!

you would be amazed that i have his same pose from my brothers at every stage of their life!
waiting at the temple
travis and tia claimed they have no picture together so here you go...
mom and kerry

Wishing the happy couple best of luck in their new adventure together!


Anonymous said...

cute pictures!! i miss your family...didn't realize how much till i got to see you for only a second. you are all so fun (painful shoes or not). you look dang cute too!!

HeidiPorter said...

hey Whit!

Just wanted to let you know you have some totally awesome pictures and you and Hank are really cute. What camera do you use? I saw you with a Nikon. (which is my fave!) Just curious. We should shoot together sometime. Its great fun!


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