dang fish... made a liar out of me.
so on our big adventure to Montana i took hank to one of my favorite childhood spots. big springs. all along the way i was talking it up, telling hank what a great place it was and that he was in for a great treat. big springs was never one to disappoint. until now. natural spring water coming out of the side of the mountains, beautiful views and lots and lots of giant fish waiting to be fed. well the spring is still there and as you can tell its still beautiful but its lacking the giant fish. in fact there were only two fish to be exact. disappointing yes- but what it lacked in fish it made up for in pictures.


Anonymous said...

so very pretty!! i wanna go on your adventures with you next time...okay??
by the way, congrats on your award from lace!!! ~grin~

Travis and Quinci said...

I agree it is very pretty. To bad the fish aren't there. I love all these trips you go on. I can't wait for Travis and I to start going on trips and all. :D

Brooks & Mandy said...

so do you have a tripod that you set your camera on to get all of your cute pics of the 3 of you?


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