my oh-so-kind cousin lace choose my blog as one of her favorites to look at. my heart is warmed. sometimes i feel i write all this non-sense just to entertain myself. when someone takes the time to comment on a post i feel like i'm not here in the blog world alone. it makes me happy. so in effort to keep the good times rolling i nominate my cousin oh-so-sweet tiana . the true original blogger of our family. the one who got me rolling. and i'm pretty sure her camera is just as attached to her hip as mine is to my hip. and i love that. we miss you liljenquists off on your big new york adventure. love you.


Lace said...

Hey Whit,
I took those pictures on the Alpine Loop last week. The leaves had just started to change but by the time we got to Sundance they had been falling on the ground so they were perfect right there. It was a beautiful spot. Good luck with your family pictures.

J.C. & Tiana said...

I am really honored whit! I also love your blog because I can always count on a update from you and I love it, especially since now that we don't live there. It seems like you and hank are always doing something fun and I love it cause otherwise I wouldn't know what you were doing. Thanks for blogging because your blogs do help me from being home sick. Love you guys and we will be home in 6 short weeks.


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