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I am: tired.. we stayed up until 1 o'clock last night and i am not a true hutchins and need bedtime before 10:30 p.m. night owl i am not.
I think: life passes me by too quickly. its almost halloween. halloween- i swear santa just came.
I know: pretty much what i want. but even that is subject to change.
I want: babies.. twins perhaps.... but not today.
I have: what i believe to be a pretty great life!
I dislike: hank working late. i miss him. even though we fight over bed space i still like him next to me. side note: our current log bed is for sale! any takers!
I miss: not having to worry about grown up things. childhood is oh so short.
I fear: hank or thome getting hurt. ask hank- thome has a first aid kit to revel any humans- i can start an iv, give iv fluids, give inject able bendryl, bandage and clean a wound, give staples and sutures (although you probably wouldn't want me too), etc etc. and although hank makes fun of me i secretly saw him getting vet wrap out of it for softball.
I feel: strange. can't really put my finger on it but just different. not bad but odd.
I hear: nothing. other than thomes breathing coming from the leather chair.
I smell: my pumpkin wall flowers. oh i love bath and body works sweet pumpkin smell!
I crave: chocolate. bad. example: on my way to meet my mom every morning at 5:30 a.m to workout i eat half a swiss roll cake. yes i know, chocolate on the way to the gym doesn't make much sense but it sure makes me feel better.
I search: for photography ideas day and and day out.. everywhere.
I wonder: what we will name our children. we can't agree on anything. not one.
I regret: not spending a summer in yellowstone. but the day will come. right hank?
I wish: my mom didn't have to work anymore. she works too hard. i love her.
I love: my hank, my thome, my families, my job, pictures .... chocolate.
I care: about everyone around me. i'm a total people pleaser and thats not always a good thing.
I always: talk to animals in my animal voice. and it drives hank crazy. its hard when i'm surrounded by 10 people who talk in animal voices on a daily basis... ...cassie- i blame.
I worry: about everything. seriously have become the most paranoid person in the past few years. i guess the more i gain the more i have to lose.
I am not: a city girl. i would much prefer a more rural environment. dang you bountiful and your many people.
I remember: high school. my sister who is 16 and dating a guy (david i believe) who is 17 and it makes me remember what it was first like to date hank in high school. i was completely twitterpated. still am.
I believe: in us. among other things.
I sing: off tune and mostly country.
I don't always: make dinner. hank is a wonderful cook of two step meals.
I argue: when i have let things build and build. and then hank says it all comes out.
I write: on post-it notes so i don't forget.
I win: at madden football. beat hank a zillion times and benefited with hours of back rubs.
I lose: at cabellas big game hunter on the wii. can't quite figure out the hand eye gun coordination thing. lets put it this way- i shouldn't be your first choice for a hunting partner- if you intend to live.
I listen: to hank ramble in his sleep. about the weirdest things. potting plants for one.
I don't understand: how to turn the tv to dvd or wii. there are too many buttons and too many machines. that is what i have a husband for.
I can usually be found: at work. i literally spend more awake hours with my coworkers then my husband (good thing i love you all to pieces- my animal family!) or behind the camera- someone has to document our lives.
I need: a getaway. be it one day or a week. i need mountains, open spaces, and my husband. nothing more. (holly!!)
I forget: how to make muddy buddies. every time. never write down the recipe. then my sweet friend emily informed me its right on the chex box. oh how i love you.
I am happy: thats true. i am happy!

(duck duck duck goose- trisha, megan, tiana, natalie, talia, quinci)

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Brad & Meg said...

Not that I could even come close to your answers - or your sentiments - I will do my best!


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