to him.
things i don't say nearly enough. thank you. thank you for putting up with my irrational need to clean anything and everything in sight.. at least twice. thank you for always remembering to put the toilet seat down..almost always. thank you for allowing me much needed girl trips to tai pan to decorate our entire house.. for every season of the year. thank you for teaching me life is about the little moments... not everything has to be a production. thank you for assisting me and mostly finishing all my little projects around the house. thank you for letting me paint all our furniture...black. thank you for driving the two wheeled car 20 miles to work in the snow so i can drive the 4 wheel suv 4 miles to work in the snow. thank you for faithfully texting me when you arrive to work..your paranoid wife really is grateful for every message. thank you for watching all my strange ti-vo shows with me.. yes i'm very aware the girl with eight limbs isn't for everyone. thank you for humoring the fact i treat our dog like our child... i really do love him just the same. thank you for only seldomly tossing 1 of my 3 pillows off the bed... i need them all every night. thank you for listening to my whining for yellowstone on a daily basis... withdrawls withdrawls. thank you for being gone from home 2 days a week for over 15 hours... someday school will pay off. thank you for listening to all my medical totally gross work stories... and pretending to completely involved. thank you for calming all my irrational and totally absurd fears.. and never judging me. thank you for making the bed.. even though we aren't home the thought of it being undone about unglues me. thank you for all the trips to the store...for chocolate. thank you for pretending my loud and off tune singing in the car is wonderful and completely normal. thank for for working so hard to support your crazy wife and neurotic border collie... we owe you so much. thank you for choosing to love me... and thome. we love you.
thank you.
thank you for everything.
i simply don't say it enough.


Holly Light said...

That's my boy!

Brad & Meg said...

You are totally married to Boy Wonder! And what a sweet wife you are to write something so nice! I'll have to work on mine now!

Lindsay said...

Cute post Whitney!


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