everyday people.

as promised here are the rest of the family photos. well not the rest cause that would be like 280 something and i think you all would be a little bored. but these are my favorites. keep in mind no one wanted to listen to me-stay where i posed them etc etc. pretty much the photographers nightmare family- its a good thing they are mine or no one would claim them.
the handsome boys... well actually men now. they are all so grown up.

offspring + some strangers we couldn't get rid of. hahalovely ladies.

the children- in birth order- backwards
jordan barton
matthew miles
carlee jean
just cause she's so pretty
trevor alan
now you see what i had to work with-
me and husband
travis & tia

travis & quinci (now if you didn't know i have two brothers named travis there is a good chance you probably shouldn't be reading this blog- but i will take whatever constructive criticism you can offer)
mom & kerry

why the football field? this family lives- lives for sports.

thanks dear family for adventure. why i can't say it was fun because i literally almost killed you all but never the less it was an adventure. and i do love you all.


T-Ray said...

I love your cute family!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing!! you caught some great shots!! i love tia's eyes in the "serious couple" one!! you are all beautiful!!

Luke & Natalie said...

I love the pictures! That must be so fun when you guys get together.


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