Proud Mama...
Believe it not i'm once again proud to be this kids mom. Me and thome went in for our therapy dog interview and we passed! Yippy! Now we are allowed to take the classes and get certified. Soon that cute little face will be helping people everywhere. Its our dream to go into primary children's and help kids by doing physical therapy after major injuries, burns etc etc. And help people
with emotional therapy after things like cancer etc etc. Special shout out to my
cousin Gentry who made me realize what a major impact these dogs have on people lives. You made me base my dreams on your reality. thanks. we love you! Wish us luck we have a few months of intense training ahead.
oh- and a picture for mia- cause trish said she is simply missing her thome.


Anonymous said...

you are so inspiring!! i love your passion for things, and how you have such a drive to do good! you will touch so many lives, good luck to both of you!!

T-Ray said...

CONGRATULATIONS THOME! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU AND YOUR MOMMA WORKED SO HARD. And it is true- Mia misses Thome like crazy :( She is so sad!!!


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