american girl.

once upon a time i gained another sister. (may 07) i had new sister for two months before she left to Brazil. new sisters usually aren't very close but funny thing is i had known my new sister since junior high. we use to joke about our parents getting married. six years later they did! well today she came home! yippy! looking forward to getting to know my not so new sister again. great job serving a wonderful mission in Brazil! the elders there told us you were a mission legend. welcome home corinne! photos for tiana- so she knows she really is homeand we weren't faking it! haha

waiting and waiting. her flight was delayed because of the blasted snow.

back to her mom. sible is so happy to have corinne home.
my dad- holding the sign. so many strangers asked him if that really was him. haha
after about the fifth one he gave the sign away.
yes upon andy's request we smuggled gus into the airport to meet corinne.
yes he's part of the family too!
corinne and the boys. i promise we were there. i was behind the camera and husband was avoiding me with the camera. welcome back to america. we are glad to have you home safe!


J.C. & Tiana said...

oh thank you thank you I love the pictures I love that you are sisters and that you were there to capture all the Joy. Love you all and will see you in a few days!

The Uzelac's said...

yeah!!!! she's home. I love reading your blog and seeing your profesh pics cous. You are so talented and precious.

Meg and Brad said...

I love that you were there to document the momentus occasion!! I have to get on here to find out anything that happens in your part of the world! And I love it!

When are we going to do something? AND - when are you going to do some photos for me??? How does Saturday night sound?


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