it's good to be us.

truly it is. not only is my husband just as low key as i am meaning no crazy halloween parties- or fancy dressing up this year. we spent halloween in the company of our favorite people. our families. and plus we have the cutest nieces and nephews ever who make my day without even trying. we had an awesome halloween being inmates at the Eastern state penitentiary- eating lots of yummy food and spending time with our families.
cute presley a frighteningly cute witch
the swatter. zaky was a swat guy or as he called himself the swatter. he is one of the most adorable children i have ever meant. always so happy and always willing to smile for the camera. which makes me so happy.
me and snow white.
what a darling snow white she was with her black wig and quick smile.

mason didn't have a name for his costume other than the scary guy. and he sure was scary.
at my work we has a costume contest to dress up as a couple with your dog. we had a pirate and parrot. Dorothy and the tin man, lion, scare crow (not in picture) Frankenstein and his bride, a Hershey kiss and a tootsie roll, bunnies, peter pan and tinker bell. and we had Meredith grey also pay us a visit. i'm so grateful to work with great people who share my passion and we are so blessed that we all get along and are truly friends.

the cow and farmer.
and the darling cow. ah hes too cute.
- wondering about my blog titles. well just like my favorite show (greys anatomy) every blog title is a song.

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