the secret of life.

dad is a fire fighter and mom is a truly amazing person. no wonder he is so darling. lori here started my obsession with pictures (you can thank her for the constant overload) so when she ask me to take her family pictures i was completely nervous. she should be the one behind the camera. i remember the day lori told us she was pregnant- and now look at this little guy- sitting up all by himself! how time flies! lori i hope this is what you were envisioning. you guys are adorable. thanks for trusting me!

(the secret of life- faith hill)


RennyPenny said...

beautiful family!!

The Uzelac's said...

Hey honey, how much do you charge? seriously.

Meg and Brad said...

Whit - they are so cute!! And I love these fun places that you find!! We'll have to go shooting one day together! That would be fun!

Anonymous said...

simply perfect! love them

Brandon and Wizzy said...

Ha ha! I think I know this girl! I used to work at a place called Ozzie's and when I quit to go to college she was hired in my place. How funny!

Wizzy (Brandon's wife)

Great pics by the way. We should really have you do some for us. Are you expensive :)


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