space jam.

this post is tons more fun if you play the space jam song in your head- yeah the one from that completely awful movie featuring Micheal jordan and buggs bunny. as tradition states my family must play football every thanksgiving- somehow it seems to get earlier every year- and every year i get more and grouchy about it. and yes- it is possible to play football with a camera in hand- or more or less strapped to your back in between plays.

here is travis. the biggest critic of the camera carrying. (honestly they didn't even throw the ball to me -all i got to do was kick- they use me- dumb boys) after this play he jumps around all excited asking if i got a shot of that great play he just made! well yes i did. and i have more.
check out that awesome football outfit. complete with jets shirt- ripped up painting pants- and old falling apart soccer socks- there is a reason i stay behind the camera.

haha. yes me and carlee were totally doing twisty flippy things in the air. my picture will not be posted. i don't look half as graceful as she does. hello david!!! look what you were missing!!!!

husband takes thanksgiving football very seriously. to him its not about fun. its about victory.

even though it was early, wet and cold we had fun. so much fun in fact...we both could hardly walk the next day!


Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun!! sad i missed my family traditions this year...but next year it's on!

Anonymous said...

Sad, was not all your family able to make it? Isn't Travis married? I swear I saw his blog somewhere and his wife was beautiful. Maybe I am just crazy. Hope your family is doing well and that you continue in years of Thanksgiving Football fun.

Anonymous said...

haha the wife was probably the one that left the anonymous comment...


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