laughed until we cried.

gubler. haha (evidently this is quite a common name is st. george) and ever since i found out her maiden name was gubler of all things- it became an instant nickname. mrs. gubler here has been one of my very most favorite people for a lot of years. we meet when i started working at the clinic many moons ago. she seriously has this natural gift to make me laugh unlike any other. i spend most of the few days we work together in tears. (i tease her she only works 1/8 time so she can stay home with her cute girl- i don't blame her) but she has the best stories. they keep me entertained for hours. like the blind neighbor that purchased a 60 inch flat screen. her husbands surprise dinner of microwave cooked roast. oh and they keep coming. so naturally i jumped at the chance to take pictures of her family. they are in fact pretty darling.

(laughed until we cried- josh gracin)


Anonymous said...

i love people like that...you can never have too many folks in your life that can make you laugh! these pictures are adorable, well done!

Tom and Cassie said...

Those pictures look awesome. Denise Gubler is so funny.


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