totally forgot about this pictures until i ran across them today! gunner and lily stayed with us over thanksgiving. and of course daily visits to the park were necessary to keep everyones energy levels in check. on one of these visits i just happened to have my camera on hand (shocker i know) heres what we discovered...

lily can seriously jump-
gun dog moves awesome for an older guy-
thome doesn't like to share-
we needed three tennis balls and we only brought two- oops!
(doghouse- lonestar)


Lace said...

What a fun life you lead! Great pictures of fast moving dogs! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

a look NO snow on the ground!! ah, the good old days! I'm with lace on this though, awesome pictures of MOVING doggies!

J.C. & Tiana said...

oh whit it makes me cry we miss gunner so much we cant wait to come home on Wednesday and see the little guy. And your right he has some good moves for an old guy.


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