super massive black hole.

as of yesterday my faithful computer is very ill. causing me and husband great distress. computer is infected with some sort of rapid growing virus causing husband to stay up late desperately trying to rid computer of its illness. so far its not responding to treatment but we are still very hopeful. (the ever amazing husband back up all my zillions and zillions of pictures on the external hard drive so no one need worry) i've been temporarily relocated across the room to the dreaded desktop computer. while still useful its not quite as quick- plus i'm use to laptop computer- laptop has all my stuff. at least desktop works and i can still continue to edit my pictures and be connected to the Internet. (large sigh of relief) laptop has had me on the edge of tears the pass two days. here wishing laptop a speedy recovery. i need you laptop- get better soon.
(super massive black hole- the muse) currently my favorite song- i play it over and over again. highly recommended.

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CoreyandShanda said...

Did you download the Twilight soundtrack too?? :)
Sorry to hear about your computer!!


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