learning how to bend.

i'll admit i am a total type A personality. i am organized. i have to have everything in its place. i am a "slight" clean freak. poor husband had a major adjustment learning to live with the clean nazi. i also have this thing about decorating. i am in fact my mothers daughter. growing up with my mom was like growing up inside pottery barn. she is master decorator. my house still has a long way to go to reveal hers. n-e ways that leads me to my next venture. paint. up until this week myself and paint had a outstanding relationship. i liked it. it liked me. it was great. this week i had two days off in a row and so i formed this grand plan. repaint the bedroom. the previous occupants of the room felt the need to paint all four walls and the ceiling olive green. which was fine until recently when we got a new bed (the olive and log bed went quite nicely together) so new bed meant new comforter which of course means new wall colors. the priming and ceiling painting went off without a hitch. no problems. i'm not sure what i was thinking (i clearly wasn't) when i picked out color #1 for the bedroom- two walls in and 10:00 at night i had a nervous breakdown cause it looked like human flesh. yes that bad. husband calmed me down assuring me everyone makes the paint mistake once or twice in life. so the next morning back to Lowe's for paint #2. gray/brown walls and one red accent wall. gray/brown walls went on perfect. easy. red wall- the death of me. well Lowe's ran out of red paint we wanted so they sold us the cheap crap version and 6 coats of red paint later it still wasn't covering. so back to Lowe's we went for more red paint. this time we got what we wanted and three coats later we were finally finished. so my two day project turned into five days- i was beside myself- the house was in disarray, we were sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, eating crap every night for dinner. so today we are finally done. and myself and paint no longer feel the same about each other. in fact i've retired my brush for a while. (husband is extremely grateful for that- no more crazy breakdowns) now after that long story here are the results.

and after!!

{learning how to bend- gary allen}


Anonymous said...

love the new look!! i feel ya on the red paint, when we did our place it was a nightmare! nice to know re paint doesn't just hate me!

Meg and Brad said...

I think it looks great! I want to see your whole house though! I love the new bed!

Tia said...

Whit, it looks great! Good job! I am glad it turned out and the bedspread is cute.

Travis and Quinci Cole said...

Wow you and your mom are serioulsy so good at all this stuff. when we move you two need to help me. I'm in love with both of your houses they are so cute. good job whit I LOVE it!


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