uptown girl.

to this uptown girl. she is truly just that. sending love to miss mia and her mom. whom are both incredibly amazing.

{uptown girl- billy joel}


Travis and Quinci Cole said...

How cute. She is such a cute dog. and I love this picture. good job whit. Your Amazing!

T-Ray said...

Mia is the sassiest black fur ball in the world. But I love her like crazy and am so blessed to have her as a part of my life. Love this pic- and I love you guys.

HeidiPorter said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love it! I'm still looking into a photo club sorry it has taken me so long to get back around to it. We have been busy. What days and times are good for you? Email me at heidi@portergraphicdesignstudio.com


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