rain for the roses.

ahhh my lovely sister and her new husband. their wedding took place on one very cold december morning. by cold i mean i wore tights- and that sure doesn't happen unless i'm likely to die of hypothermia if i don't. and by morning i mean at 7:00 am. it was early. very early. i drug poor drover and the newly weds around temple square in the freezing cold for an hour or so, lucky for me we all managed to survive (my life was only threatened once or twice) and come out with some pretty amazing pictures. thanks sister and new husband for trusting me and letting me torture you in the cold- means lots and lots. love you both!

and this one cause i know she loves everything vintage.

{rain for the roses- craig morgan}


J.C. & Tiana said...

I love them Whit she looked so beautiful that day. You did such a good job. I want to see more please!

Brooks and Mandy said...

SO Whit I have to ask as if it is not obvious. Are you a photographer as a profession or is it just a hobby. every time you post a photo post i fall more and more in love with your work. We are getting sealed to Braxy on the 14th of March at the bountiful temple and would love to have some nice pics taken that day. I dont know if you are available or able but we would love to have you come capture that day for us. let me know what you think!

T-Ray said...


Travis and Quinci Cole said...

Whit I love them. and i like the idea you had with the rings. what a fun and cute couple you got to work with.


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