good directions.

until this week i was unaware there was a bird refuge in farmington bay. we seem to keep finding interesting things right around home. (doesn't mean i still wouldn't love to move to alaska) so i convinced the drover- he's not as excited about these things as i am- to drive out there and see what its all about. well it was closed- mind you at 6p.m on a saturday. go figure. so we drove a little farther down the road and found this lovely little collection of signs. i still can't believe drover let me out of the car with my camera (which is never wise) soon i had thome out- then drover. it was right on the edge of the refuge so we got to watch a few birds- thome was memorized- i guess we will have to go another day to actually get into the bay- and take more pictures- wink.

{good directions- billy currington}


Travis and Quinci Cole said...

I love going on and watching the birds. My family and I go every summer. It is crazy how busy it can get. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

Brooke said...

Whit, you are seriously so talented. The pictures you take are amazing! What kind of camera do you use? You make me want to go take more pictures, which I go through phases of being really good and really bad at.


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