ring of fire.

so a few weeks ago i had to take some pictures at work for a doggie daycare program we are starting. (check out that awesome grass- its the turf they used on all the new football fields- its pretty cool) so thome being the sole user of the hoop got volunteered for the job. thome was a gentlemen as always and kindly put up with me and my camera but i think this last picture explains his real feelings towards the whole thing- he's bored. haha

{ring of fire- jonhny cash}


T-Ray said...

Mia loves Thome. And she loves all of the dogs at the Animal Medical Clinic. Ok so she loves all dogs in general. She wants so bad to be the social director of the neighborhood. Love the pics. Mia can't wait to see Thome again!

Anonymous said...

what a good little dog!! awesome grass too...can i put that in my yard?? i think it would be easier to keep "green"!


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