raining on sunday.

we may as well live in seattle with all this rain- although i shouldn't complain cause our grass is looking a little less pathetic every day. but today i was in the mood to take pictures... so i baked cupcakes. dang rain. during the baking and frosting my partner in crime and i were left with a few extra rainless minutes so we ventured to the backyard. the backyard is still awaiting its spring facelift so there wasn't much to work with but we managed. atleast it got the photo bug out of my system for a couple days. but just a couple.

seriously acts like he is being tortured. don't worry as soon as i was done "torturing" him he riped the branch to pieces. revenge is sweet.

{raining on sunday- keith urban}

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Meg and Brad said...

I freakin' love you and your pictures! You're amazing!


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