a place in the sun.

we got to spend the day with the drovers side of the family soaking up the sun. we now again are both sunburned. SPF 30 just isn't cutting it this year. we had a fun day boating and relaxing on the beach together. mr. dog enjoyed the beach a little too much and is now suffering from cracked paw pads. poor guy. although given the chance i know he would be right back in the water. who knew he was a lab in a border collie body. every time i look at these pictures it makes me sad that our little people are getting so big. someday soon they will catch on that their uncle and aunt aren't nearly as cool as they thought we were. were just glad that someday is not today.

because pondering life is always better in black and white.
{a place in the sun- tim mcgraw}

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Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

WHit, I love these pictures!! Can I have copies!! you truly have talent! Love you


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