the chair.

heres my latest project. although i would like to take credit for this idea i have to give most of the credit to my mother. i did however donate my time and labor. she called me one day and explained her plans for four chairs she had inherited. i'll admit at first i was a little skeptical but she said two of the chairs could be mine and since my yard was in need of decoration i agreed to help. we painted the chairs then sanded and distressed them. the drover then kindly lended a hand and cut the holes in the seat- i'm not good with saws or any sharp object for that matter. we then placed a hanging pot in the hole. done. it was as simple as that. total cost of the project was $12. they were easy to make and look really cute in our yard. we seriously thought about making more and selling them it was so simple. any buyers? haha
{the chair- george strait}


Jordan said...

What a cute idea! My yard is in dire need of decorations...might have to use this one :)

Meg and Brad said...

I'll have 2. How much are you charging? And I'll have a double date......when and where?


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