old town new.

the drover and i own one piece of furniture that is not a hammy down. wait if you count the couch we have two. and you know i wouldn't trade a single one of them for anything new. i love the old (been sitting out in a barn for 20 years) country look. so when my dad gave me this dresser that had been sitting in a shed for 4 years naturally it was love. i found some random greenish paint in the garage, borrowed my moms sander, and a can of old stain. staining my fingers in the process- thank goodness for paint thinner. now it fits in lovely with the decor. (notice the drovers hat collection above.) so if any of you are getting rid of a short long dresser i'm looking. one mans trash is another mans treasure.

{old town new-tim mcgraw}


Bingham Family said...

Whit, I love it. Soooo cute!

Travis Meidell said...

This looks very nice. You are an excellent craftswoman.

Tia and I are finally getting rid of our dresser this September 16 when we update our bedroom set for our anniversary.

J.C. & Tiana said...

Whit I love it! I do have a beef with you though...where have you been? You are my one cousin that I can count on for blogging and you were absent for the last 2 weeks. I missed all your posts so keep them up.

CoreyandShanda said...

I wish I had your skills! That is awesome, I love it! :)

Jason Bailey said...

Whitney - This is your cousin Jason in Las Vegas. I hope you and Hank are doing well.

I hopped on your blog via Trish's and saw this post. You are crazy good at creating the whole distressed look. When you get a minute will you send me your email address. I have a few questions about distressing stuff because we want to do something similar in our kitchen. I'm at jason.bailey@rrpartners.com.

Great photos too! Woman of many many talents!


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