the underdog.

meet team doggie style. thats right doggie style. when the team works at a veterinary clinic its actually quite appropriate. we played in a co-ed softball league this summer with my work. we aren't good. on our best day were maybe average. (well i take that back- drover is exceptionally good-he is the team star- and i don't say that just because he is my husband) aside from not playing well we sure do have fun. we laugh alot. we mock alot. and you know what- we won three games this season.

{the underdog-spoon}


Bingham Family said...

Gotta love the team name! It cracks me right up. Now you just have to get Hank, Drover, in a soccer uniform. Also I have been wondering...why do you call him Drover?

Meg and Brad said...

I had no idea you guys did this! It looks so fun! I hate softball - but I'm glad you had a good time! I totally would have come and cheered! Do you have any games left?

T-Ray said...

Co-ed softball is fun whether you win or not. it's always fun to just get together and have a good time. and I bet Hank was the hero of every game with his baseball background. I think your next move should be co-ed soccer- you would kick trash!


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