where the blacktop ends.

good thing the drover loves me. he spends a lot of time either in front of the camera or following me around with a camera. this time following me actually involved driving behind me while i meandered down a dirt road. he even turned on the emergency lights so no one would run me over. and he let me drive with all the windows down so i could smell the freshly cut hay. i do love him. and the results were completely worth all the grasshoppers i had to contend with. ugh.

{where the blacktop ends-keith urban}


Meg and Brad said...

Your pics are fantastic - I love them....our year - we should sell them for money at the 'store'. They really are great! And in six weeks when I'm done with boot camp - Brad and I need some new pictures!

Chelsea said...

Whit, your pictures really are amazing. I love looking at your blog. I'm still waiting for you to post pictures of your house!

Travis Meidell said...

Great pictures Whit!


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