county fair.

september just would be september without the state fair. i've been going for as long as i can remember. drover is fairly new to the fair but he is catching on quickly. we like to people watch. (somehow the fair manages to attract the "finest" in utah) eats scones. yum. drover turns into a little boy again and loves to play the games and win those nasty gross prizes. walk through all the farm animals. look at all the things we would never buy. thanks family for coming with us (even though i managed to not get any pictures of you) it was so much fun.

{county fair-lonestar}


Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Ok so Hank was realy riding that bull. He lost a shoe! Way to go Hank. I LOVE the fair. I have ever since I was little. OK, so please tell me you did not eat the deep fried alligator?
We hope you two are well... We will see you soon... Hopefully!
The Idahoans (sp)

Mom said...

whit , How do I get hold of you?Can Hank get a deal on rooms in NYC . I want to be there 9/29/09-10/5/09. can he get me an affordable room? I will do something really nice for you. What say you. Call me. 801-808-3008 aunt Karyn

Travis and Quinci Cole said...

I love these pictures. thanks for inviting us. this is my 2 time ever going to the fair. Its pretty exciting. I still love hank and the bull how funny.


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