you're like comin' home.

sometime ago i remember saying something like... house pictures coming soon. well i finally got around to taking them. its still a work in progress. i'm very picky about what goes on my walls so it takes me a while to decorate. but its finally at the point where i feel like its not barren and i can post pictures.

the family room. looking out the front door.

our bedroom.

the kitchen.

the kitchen the other way.

i have this obsession with jars. i can't stop. and no we don't chew lots of gum. in fact we never even touch these jars. its usually travis cole that fills his pockets. haha.

the back door. and the washer and dryer are in closet on the left.

the bathroom.

the other bedroom. it basically serves no purpse other than to house the drovers clothing. and his endless drawers of stuff.
the other side of the other bedroom. still missing something. any ideas?
the office. can't tell i like pictures, can ya.
more office.

{you're like comin' home- lonestar}


J.C. & Tiana said...

I love your house and I am flying you to new york to do mine (as soon as i can talk jc into it.) I think you should quit the vet (don't tell my father in-law I said that) keep taking pictures and start doing interior design. I'm so impressed I LOVE< LOVE LOVE, it

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

When you and Hank make your way to Idaho I would like some help with some fame advice and blowing up some of these oh so lovely pictures that you took of me and my darling family!
When can you come??

Brooke said...

So I agree with the first comment! You are so talented in so many ways! You for hire or what?! I love how you've decorated. I've been in our home for 2 years and still can't get it right!

Raquel said...

Your house is gorgeous! Just beautifully put together.

Travis and Quinci Cole said...

I love your house. YOu and your mom seriously know how to make a house look. im very jealous. I told trav the comment about the jars and he burst out laughing and says "its so true, I ALWAYS do that"

Meg and Brad said...

I think I might cry if you tell me your house is always that clean. I still love it (since I've seen it before) and still want you to come help me with a dresser....I have it - now it just needs your magic touch! Anytime....let me know when you're coming! I'll even make you dinner!

T-Ray said...

You have a killer eye. I am definitely not creative when it comes to decorations and other things. I think your house is darling. You truly know how to make a house a home!

Sarah & Drew said...

Your home is BEAUtiful! Would you like to come decorate my house sometime! WOW!

Brooks and Mandy said...

OH my gosh Whit it is Beautiful. And I am with meg please tell me its not always that clean...You have a knack for decorating. I love it. Are you for hire???

C-reg and Saman said...

You pooh. Can I say that to you after I haven't talked to you in forever? Yes, I can because I am very jealous right now. I honestly LOVE your house and I wish I had every-single-thing-in-it. LOVE. IT.

C-reg and Saman said...

Also, can I add that I have never seen an entire house that clean? Where is the junk? You've gotta have some secret closet that has tons of junk stuffed in there. Please say your house was this perfectly spotless only for the instant you took these pictures. Please say it. :)


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