pickin' wildflowers.

before the dentist decided it was necessary this week to drill out the canals of two of my teeth- me and the drover took the scenic back roads to the top of the mountain behind our house. who knew the view would be so beautiful. now i'm kind of addicted and can only think about going back when all the leaves start changing. warning: there are an excessive amount of pictures of mr. dog afterall he is our only child and he and i were on an adventure while the drover was finishing his dinner. the picture below is my favorite- only if the weeds weren't in mr. dogs face- its hard enough just to get him to look at the camera. whew.

{pickin' wildflowers- keith anderson}


Anonymous said...

wow, those are beautiful! i love the sunset you captured. how perfect that that is your "back yard"! lucky girl!

Anonymous said...
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