history in the making.

today we attempted to take our family pictures. good thing there weren't many people around because not only were we staring at our tripod but we were also throwing rocks at it so mr. dog would look in the right direction. we are completely normal- i know we are. haha. so far things look like they turned out ok. more to come later.

oh and if your like our mothers wondering if we will ever have any children besides our dog. answer- one day. not in the plans anytime soon. were having too much fun enjoying each other. plus we aren't sure how mr. dog will take to not being an only child. he's kinda spoiled that way. haha

{history in the making- darius rucker}


T-Ray said...

Have kids when you are ready. Don't worry about what everyone else wants. You'll know when it is time. Plus I understand the only dog/child syndrome. Although Mia is a socialite, I don't think she would enjoy sharing what she has. However, I think she wishes she had more time with her Thome :)

Anonymous said...

love the picture! beautiful location, beautiful people!


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